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                  1. At the end of the day 最終;總的來說 Sure we missed our best player but at the end of the day, John, we just didn't play well enough to win the game. 我們最好的選手不能上場,但是最終來說,還是因為我們發揮得不好,所以無法贏得比賽。

                  2. Fairly unique 相當獨特(這個短語屬于過度修飾,語義不清) I am looking for a fairly unique piece of technology.我在尋找一種獨特的技術。

                  3. I personally 我個人(這個短語屬于同義重復)I personally don't like her.我不喜歡她。

                  4. At this moment in time 此刻(這個短語也屬于語義重復)What's your favorite song right at this moment in time?此刻你最喜歡的歌是什么?

                  5. With all due respect 恕我直言;冒昧的說;我并不想冒犯With all due respect, I think there are some facts you have not considered.恕我直言,我想你忽略了一些事實。

                  6. Absolutely 絕對It is absolutely impossible.絕對不可能。

                  7. It's a nightmare 一場噩夢;太糟糕了For Publishing, It's a Nightmare Before Christmas.對于出版業來說,圣誕節前發生的事情就像一場噩夢。