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                  成品 finished products 人才 talent/competent personnel human resources 半成品 semi-finished products 滯銷貨 unsalable product 打工妹 country girls working in cities 服務業 service industry 利改稅 substitution of tax payment for profit delivery 生產力 productive forces 出資方式 means of contributing investment 傳統產品 traditional products 窗口行業 service trades 創匯產品 hard currency-earning exports 資本項目 capital account 包工包料 contract for labor and material 采礦工業 mining industry 操作方法 working technique; method of operation 草根工業 grassroots industry 代理協議 agency agreement 電力工業 power industry 產品設計 design of products 朝陽產業 sunrise industry 成套設備 whole sets of equipment 馳名商標 well-known trademark 電子工業 electronics industry 獨家代理 sole agency; exclusive agent 紡織工業 textile industry 服裝工業 clothing industry 鋼鐵工業 iron and steel industry 隔離開關 isolating switch

                  工程繪圖 engineering drawing 工業基地 industrial base 工業停滯 industrial stagnation 工業園區 industrial park 公開招標 public bidding; open tender 國有企業 state-owned enterprise 合營期限 contractual term of a joint venture 合作方式 methods of cooperation 后備工業 supporting industry 化學工業 chemical industry 基礎工業 basic industry 技術入股 technology invested as capital stock 技術轉讓 technology transfer 加工工業 processing industry 尖端產品 highly sophisticated/state-of-the-art product 建筑工業 building industry 來料裝配 assembling with supplied parts 龍頭產品 flagship product 龍頭老大 leading enterprise; flagship of the industry 內聯企業 inland associated enterprises 配套工程 auxiliary/supporting project 配套資金 supporting funds 批量生產 mass production 切削工具 cutting tool 升級換代 upgrading and updating 生產資料 capital goods 市場疲軟 a market slump 市場準入 market access 拳頭產品 highly competitive product 人才市場 human resources market 私營部門 the private sector 鄉鎮企業 township enterprises 以銷定產 fix production target according to marketability 知識產權 bids for technology 主導工業 leading industry 抓大放小 invigorate large enterprises while relaxing control over small ones 專利技術 patented technology 產地證明書 certificate of origin 工業增加值 industrial added value 企業所得稅 corporate income tax 出口轉內銷 domestic sales of commodities originally produced for exports