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                  Social science is that branch of intellectual enquiry which seeks to study humans and their endeavors in the same reasoned, orderly, systematic, and dispassionate


                  第一個意群:social science 社會科學 branch 分支 intellectual enquiry 知識探索

                  第二個意群:seek 力圖 reasoned 理性的 dispassionate 冷靜的,客觀的 in…manner 以…方式

                  第三個意群:natural scientist自然科學家


                  1) express the idea:表達 e.g. He cannot express his ideas clearly in speaking.

                  2) advocate the idea:鼓吹、維護 e.g. This organization advocated Hitler’s Nazi ideas.

                  3) borrow the idea:借用、抄襲 e.g. This idea was borrowed from the West.

                  4) spread the idea:傳播 e.g. Democratic ideas are being spread throughout the world.

                  5) deepen the impression:加深 e.g. He did that to deepen the impression that he was generous.

                  6) exercise/use the influence:使用 e.g. He promised to use his influence to get me a job.

                  7) have the influence:具有 e.g. This movie has an adverse influence on teenagers.

                  8) exert the influence:施加 e.g.…you are expected to exert positive influence on your fellow schoolmates.