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                  翻譯常識(二) Saying Good-bye to Cambridge Again2012.10.23


                  1) At present people have a tendency to choose the safety of the middle-ground reply. 現在,人們都傾向于采取不偏不倚的態度來回答問題,因為它安全,不招風險

                  2) The inside of each tent depended on the personality of its occupants. 每個帳篷內怎么布置,這就要看各個使用者的性格了。

                  3) Aunt Julia vainly asked each of her neighbours in turn to tell her what Gabriel had said. 朱莉亞姨媽接連向坐在旁邊的人打聽加布里埃爾剛才說了些什么,卻沒有問出個所以然來。

                  4) The American commander, Admiral Nimitz, was understandably reluctant to join the battle. 美軍司令上將尼米茲怠于出戰,這是可以理解的。


                  1) The intent to make an immediate gift must be clear and unmistakable, and the transfer must take immediate and permanent effect.直接贈與的意向必須明白無誤,轉讓行為必須立即產生效力,且該效力應具有永久性。

                  2) Built in 1192, the bridge is over 700 hundred years old. 這座橋是1192年修建的,至今已經有700多年的歷史了。

                  3) Several blocks from the park, running parallel to it, Clement Street bustles like a second Chinatown with dozens of ethnic restaurants. 離公園幾個街區便是與公園平行的克萊門特街。那兒有十幾家民族餐館,熱鬧得如同第二個唐人街。