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                  翻譯常識(一) Saying Good-bye to Cambridge Again2012.10.19

                  1) have a wolf by the ears 騎虎難下

                  2) to be cut at elbows 捉襟見肘

                  3) at sword’s points 強烈分歧

                  4) Give a dog an ill name and hang him. 欲加之罪,何患無詞

                  5) A little pot is soon hot 量小易怒

                  6) I don’t understand how he can think she is good-looking, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 我不知道他怎么會認為她好看呢,但是情人眼里出西施。

                  7) He may always possess merits which make up for everything; if he loses on the swings, he may win on the roundabouts. 他也許總是保持著彌補一切的優點,失之東隅的,他可以收之桑榆。

                  8) It was a case of diamond cut diamond. They thought they were going to beat Barcelona. In fact they lost the game 0:3. 強中自有強中手,他們以為可以痛宰巴塞羅那,事實上他們0:3慘敗。

                  9) All you can do is to burn your boats and fight them in the hope that one day they’ll come out on top. 你只有破釜沉舟跟他們拚,或許有朝一日會出頭的。

                  10) The students must be enjoying the speech, because they’re laughing their heads off. 學生們笑得前仰后合,他們一定是很欣賞這個演講。