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                  91. 皮笑肉不笑wear a plastic smile

                  He's fake when he wears a plastic smile. 他皮笑肉不笑的,真虛偽。

                  92. 破天荒for the very first time

                  For the very first time, he has sung an English song. 他破天荒地唱了英文歌。

                  93. 千篇一律cut from the same cloth

                  All his stories are cut from the same cloth and is boring. 他的故事千篇一律,真是無聊。

                  94. 搶鏡頭steal the show

                  She always steals the show at the party. 在派對上她最搶鏡頭。

                  95. 巧婦難為無米之炊a writer without a pen

                  Like a writer without a pen, I have no fruit to make juice. 巧婦難為無米之炊,沒有水果我無法做出果汁。

                  96. 青梅竹馬childhood sweethearts

                  They were childhood sweethearts. 他們倆是青梅竹馬。

                  97. 屈指可數be numbered

                  His days in the army are numbered.他退伍的日子屈指可數了。

                  98. 撒野act up

                  Don't you dare act up in public! 你休想在公眾埸合撒野!

                  99. 三教九流people in all walks of life

                  He makes friends with people from all walks of life. 他交的朋友三教九流。

                  100. 十八般武藝樣樣精通skillful in every field

                  There are few people who are as skillful in every field as he is. 很少像他這樣十八般武藝樣樣精通的人。