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                  71. 激將法egg...on He's just egging you on. 這不過是他的激將法。

                  72. 家喻戶曉be a household name

                  Coke is a household name. 可口可樂家喻戶曉。

                  73. 將心比心put oneself in someone's shoes

                  By putting yourself in her shoes, you will understand her feeling. 將心比心,你就能了解她的心情。

                  74. 焦頭爛額deeply troubled

                  He was deeply troubled by this problem. 他被這問題弄得焦頭爛額。

                  75. 節骨眼critical moment

                  At this critical moment, you must insist on. 在這個節骨眼,你必須堅持下去。

                  76. 潔身自愛keep your nose clean

                  You had better keep your nose clean. 你最好潔身自愛。

                  77. 今朝有酒今朝醉live for today

                  He lives for today and doesn't care anything. 他今朝有酒今朝醉,不顧一切。

                  78. 空頭支票empty promise

                  We want action, not empty promises. 我們要的是實際行動,不是空頭支票。

                  79. 扣人心弦touching

                  The music is really touching. 這音樂真是扣人心弦。

                  80. 來龍去脈entire scenario

                  We should get a clear idea of the entire scenario of this accident. 我們應該弄清楚這件意外的來龍去脈。