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                  61. 古往今來throughout the ages

                  Throughout the ages, any beauty could hardly resist the temptation of money.古往今來,美人難過金錢關。

                  62. 灌迷湯sweet talk

                  Don't sweet-talk me into it.I won't give you money anymore. 別給我灌迷湯了,我不會再給你錢的。

                  63. 好自為之behave oneself

                  From now on, please behave yourself. 從現在起,請你好自為之。

                  64. 橫行霸道be a bear

                  Thatbad guy is such a bear. 那壞人橫行霸道。

                  65. 紅人golden boy

                  He's the company's golden boy. 他是公司裡的紅人。

                  66. 厚此薄彼play favorites

                  It's not right for parents to play favorites. 做父母的不能對孩子厚此薄彼。

                  67. 胡鬧horse around

                  Stop horsing around.Let's start to study.別胡鬧了,我們開始學習吧。

                  68. 胡謅cook up a wild story

                  Don't believe him.He is just cooking up a wild story. 不要聽他胡謅。

                  69. 話匣子chatterbox, motormouth

                  She is a chatterbox who never shuts up. 她一打開話匣子就停不了

                  70. 貨比三家shop around

                  Shop around so you can get the best deal. 貨比三家不吃虧。