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                  41. 等閒視之brush off

                  This is something serious, it shouldn't be brushed off.此事非同小可,不能等閒視之。

                  42. 跌破眼鏡one's jaws dropped

                  Everyone's jaws dropped when she got married. 她結婚了,令大家跌破眼鏡。

                  43. 盯梢shadow

                  She hired a detective to shadow her husband. 她雇了私家偵探盯梢她丈夫。

                  44. 動不動就發火touchy

                  He's been touchy these days. 他這一陣子動不動就發火。

                  45. 東家長西家短spreading rumors

                  Women often spread rumors about others. 女人總愛東家長西家短。

                  46. 東山再起get back on one's feet

                  He has got back on his feet, better than before. 他東山再起,表現比從前更好。

                  47. 兜圈子beat around the bush

                  Tell the truth.Quit beating around the bush. 說實話,別兜圈子。

                  48. 對牛彈琴cast pearls before swine; preach to a deaf ear

                  It is like casting pearls before swine to talk about this to him. 和他談這個簡直是對牛彈琴。

                  49. 二百五jerk

                  Think before you do.Don't be a jerk. 做事之前先想一下,不要當二百五。

                  50. 耳目一新open the eye of

                  That picture has opened the eyes of all students. 那圖畫令學生們耳目一新。