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                  31. 湊齊round up

                  Have you rounded up enough people? 人數湊齊了嗎?

                  32. 打盹take a catnap

                  I sometimes take a catnap in the afternoon. 我下午偶爾打個盹。

                  33. 大海撈針look for a needle in a haystack

                  To find him in such a big city is like looking for a needle in a haystack. 在這麼大的城市找他就像大海撈針。

                  34. 打退堂鼓back out

                  Don't back out now.We will succeed soon. 不要打退堂鼓,我們快成功了。

                  35. 彈丸之地a tiny place

                  It may be a tiny place but it is very important to our country. 雖然是彈丸之地,對我們國家而言卻很重要。

                  36. 當一天和尚撞一天鐘trudge along

                  Don't be lazy, you must trudge along anyway. 不要偷懶,當一天和尚撞一天鐘。

                  37. 倒栽蔥fall headfirst

                  He fell headfirst from the roof. 他倒栽蔥地從屋頂摔下來。

                  38. 刀子嘴豆腐心one has a sharp tongue but means well

                  She has a sharp tongue, but she means well. 她是刀子嘴豆腐心。

                  39. 得了吧Give me a break!

                  Give me a break!That's impossible. 得了吧!那是不可能的。

                  40. 得理不饒人argue a point to death

                  He argues a point to death, even when his classmate apologizes. 他的同學道歉了,他還是得理不饒人。