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                  21. 茶餘飯後dinner conversation

                  The baseball game has become fodder for dinner conversation. 棒球賽成了茶餘飯後的話題。

                  22. 拆東牆補西牆take from Peter to pay Paul

                  Taking money from your company would be like taking from Peter to pay Paul. 從你的公司拿錢是拆東牆補西牆

                  23. 唱反調do the opposite

                  My son always does the opposite of what I say. 我兒子總是和我唱反調。

                  24. 超然rise above

                  People often have difficulties rising above material temptation. 人往往很難超然物外。

                  25. 徹頭徹尾out-and-out

                  What he said was an out-and-out lie. 他的話是徹頭徹尾的謊言。

                  26. 沈得住氣one's feathers can't be ruffled

                  His feathers can't be ruffled even facing death. 即使面對死亡,他都沈得住氣。

                  27. 吃錯藥了got up on the wrong side of the bed

                  He must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed. 他一定是吃錯藥了。

                  28. 臭美full of oneself

                  She's so full of herself that she often makes a bad impression. 她老愛臭美,給人留下壞印象。

                  29. 抽籤draw straws

                  We have to make the decision by drawing straws. 我們只有抽籤決定了。

                  30. 出爾反爾go back on one's word; break a promise

                  He is not one to break a promise. 他不是出爾反爾的人。