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                  11. 不痛不癢的話talk about the weather

                  You always talk about the weather. 你總是說些不痛不癢的話。

                  12. 不像話outrageous

                  She wears a miniskirt to her wedding.It's outrageous. 她結婚時竟穿了條迷你裙,太不像話了!

                  13. 不修邊幅not pay attention to one's appearance

                  He never pays attention to his appearance.

                  14. 不擇手段by any means available

                  He has won the game by any means available. 他不擇手段贏得比賽。

                  15. 不知所云mumbo-jumbo

                  That guy talks mumbo-jumbo. 那傢伙不知所云。

                  16. 不知天高地厚still wet behind the ears

                  This young man is still wet behind the ears. 這年輕人不知天高地厚。

                  17. 不著邊際dancing around the subject

                  He is nervous and dances around the subject when he talks. 他講話時因為緊張而不著邊際。

                  18. 太陽打西邊出來;才怪呢 when pigs fly

                  He will come when pigs fly. 他會來才怪呢!

                  19. 參差不齊a mixed bag

                  The group of people is a mixed bag. 那群人水準參差不齊。

                  20. 插隊cut in front of

                  He always cuts in front of other people.他總是愛插隊。